Hearing Health Tips

Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers:

  1. Care for your hearing aids daily. Remove any wax or debris with a soft toothbrush or dry cloth.
  2. Carry an extra set of batteries with you to ensure you hear every moment
  3. Open the battery door of your hearing aid when not in use to save on battery life.
  4. Try not to constantly adjust the volume of your devices. You will adjust to your hearing aids more quickly if they stay at a constant volume.
  5. Though some hearing aids are water resistant, you should always dry your devices immediately when exposed to moisture.
  6. We recommend storing your devices in a hearing aid dehumidifier when not in use, especially on humid days.

Tips for Family and Friends:

  • Offer to attend a hearing healthcare appointment with your family member or friend. It can help them become more comfortable with treating their hearing loss.
  • Try eliminating other noises when having a conversation. By turning off a TV or turning down a radio, you can increase the ease of their listening.
  • Speak directly at them. People with hearing loss often find it much easier to understand dialogue when they can see the speaker’s lips move.
  • Sitting near a wall at a restaurant can help cut down on some of the additional noise, which makes it easier to hear.
  • Try getting the listener's attention before speaking. They will have a much easier time understanding if they know you’re talking to them.