Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do hearing aids cost so much?
A. Hearing aids have evolved into sophisticated medical devices. The technology in a hearing aid can be compared to that of a computer, but it has to be much smaller. In order for us to have such powerful yet tiny devices, hearing aid manufacturers invest a large amount of assets into research and development.
At Premier Hearing Center, we specialize in making sure everyone is fit with the device that is appropriate for their hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. We work with you, weigh all your choices, and look at options that can make your hearing healthcare affordable and effective.

Q. Is my hearing loss permanent?
A. Hearing loss can be permanent or temporary. Sudden onset hearing loss might not be permanent, while gradual hearing loss is much more likely to be. The only way to be sure of the severity of your hearing loss is to schedule an annual screening. Remember: the sooner you start taking steps toward better hearing, the more success you will have.

Q. Where can I get help purchasing hearing aids?
A. There are several services and programs around our community that can assist with obtaining hearing aids. We can review these options during your consultation and provide you with the paperwork that will help make investing in your hearing easier.

Q. Do I really need two hearing aids?
A. We're given two ears but one tongue, so we can listen twice as much as we speak. We highly recommend being fit with two devices if you are experiencing hearing loss in both ears. Two hearing aids will provide much better clarity and balance, which will help increase your understanding of conversations and directionality of sounds.